Our Approach

  • Create a program where we can get individuals proper dental care “early and often”.
  • Avoid the compounding of untreated issues – and the compounding price tag.
    A system of reduced and shared costs, helping the individual better afford the needed care.
  • We are NOT dental insurance.
  • Instead, we are an alignment of companies, providers and individuals who see the opportunity make a significant difference to individuals AND reduce costs to the system.

A patient’s note of gratitude

When I first met Dr. Mark DiRe it was through a another patient of his who had some dental work done and he had mentioned to me that he was doing work with people who would normally not be able to afford proper dental care. For 40 years I fell into that category (I suffered with my teeth and partials that were broken or too small). I got introduced to Dr. DiRe, and to my surprise, they had set me up with an appointment.
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Trinity Dental Foundation

Dental Providers Developed Trinity!

It is a tax qualified charity connecting donors with patients and providers.

We will match your donation in services delivered to qualified patients.

Our focus is adults with extensive dental needs and limited income.

We always appreciate your help!

Contact Us

Call us: 425-747-5487
Emails us: info@trinitydentalfoundation.org
Find us: 12917 SE 38th St Suite 202 | Bellevue, WA 98006